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                                IT STILL TAKES A VILLAGE IS MORE THAN  JUST A NAME.

                                               IT IS A COMMUNITY FOR THE COMMUNITY! 


is a beacon of hope in a dark place. As a non-profit program, we aim to prevent families from being evicted and help them find shelter. We provide the necessary support and resources to empower those in need to take control of their situation and bring light to their lives.


is a mentoring program for both youth and parents. It focuses on empowering individuals with everyday life skills and tools. Our curriculum covers topics like communication skills, conflict resolution, anger management, depression, self-esteem, and more. We offer individual and group settings, using interactive worksheets and workbooks to facilitate learning.

Educate Teach Train University and After school Program: 

ETT is a program for educators and parents with a major in "Bridging The Gap"  and minor in "Empathy" between the older generation and new generation. This is a crucial component of building strong relationships and fostering understanding between individuals.


 Our After school program partners with schools to provide skill-building opportunities and address pressing issues such as bullying and low grades. We provide a safe and nurturing environment for students to learn and grow while encouraging them to participate actively in their education and communities.

Wrap with Dro:

We have partnered with Sherwin William painters to provide comprehensive education on painting techniques. Whether you're an enthusiast or a beginner, we'll teach you everything you need to know to become a skilled painter.

D.R.O music dreams: 

 is an all-in-one program that teaches youth how to write and produce music, develop as artists, and record their own tracks. With expert guidance from seasoned producers and instructors, students will receive a comprehensive education on everything music-related.

CiCi Creative Content: 

we believe everyone has a story to tell. That's why we offer courses that teach youth and parents how to write and publish their books. Whether it's a memoir, a novel, or a self-help guide, we'll guide you through the entire process, from ideation to publication.

Empowering.fostering bonds! 

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