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Generation by generation, the stability of communities and society relies on the interconnectedness of members and their sense of collective responsibility to raise, protect, and guide generations. For humanity to thrive, this interconnection should be the norm. 'It takes a village to raise a child' is a well-known saying that embraces the collective responsibility of all community members in the well-being, growth, and development of children. While it seems outdated and obsolete, the saying still has its implications and significance. The intervention tour, 'It STILL Takes a Village' Gun Down Initiative 2023 Hip Hop Edition is grounded on the concept of this collective aid and the joint effort of community members to address gun violence, drug abuse, and the associated mental health problems, as well as behavioral issues among youths. The tour was entitled 'It STILL Takes a Village' as it is centered on reminding community members that youths’ and children development is affected by diverse factors, including positive role models, empowerment, safety, and social connection, which need joint and collective responsibility. Therefore, 'It Still Takes a Village' is an intervention and prevention tour that aims to converge the efforts of parents, school administrators, artists, and other community members to prevent gun violence, drug abuse, related mental health problems, and behavioral challenges. 


On the other hand, the intervention tour is entitled Hip Hop Edition to listen to the youth about how and why they feel the way they do as it relates to music. Through this education, youths can hopefully understand the ideal appeal, attraction to music; the degree to which music may influence profanity and unruly behaviors depend on different factors. Integrated into ISTAV to combat social issues that may contribute to these problems, includes S.U.N, an arm that prevents evictions for senior citizens and single-family homes, and R.A.R.E, a mentoring program for boy, girls, LGBTQ+, parents and educators

CORE Services



An immediate intervention OR IMMEDIATE PREVENTION is typically for a crisis that does not require the police presence. This service is likely done at school (but can be done at home). This service is most popular when a fight break out at school, a gun is found on campus or unruly behavior has been demonstrated more than often. We come into the school or home to put in safety measures to prevent conflict AND/OR EDUCATE about issue at hand.



A school summit consist of It STILL Takes a Village organizing an event with a group of students chosen  by the teachers to discuss issues that take place in school which often affects the students behavior and education. It is important for us to find out the issues as the student sees them because their voice is important in exchange we offer solutions, empowerment and motivation. 




IT STILL Takes a Village a team of licensed, certified, qualified,  experienced staff to create programs in addition the programs teaching we already provide. Programs can be tailored for for youth (starting at age 5-24) and parents.   


Djuan "Young Dro" Hart


Ciara Elle'

meet the creators

Young Dro, a well-known American rapper, has been personally affected by gun violence and substance abuse. Not only is he a victim of gun violence, so is his mother, he has lost several of his rap peers to these senseless acts. As he shared, "every morning I wake up to watch the news a kid has died somewhere, one day I turned on the news and Takeoff had been added to the senseless violence, that's when I knew it was time to speak up."  Young Dro's personal journey of overcoming substance use and mental health challenges also inspired his involvement in the initiative. Ciara, PhD, certified youth life coach, has worked in the mental and behavioral health field for 2 decades. She has several degrees with 100+ certifications, including in oppositional defiance, family interventions, depression, life skills, anger management skills, coping skills, and stress management. She too had a challenged upbringing which is her drive to spearhead this tour alongside with Young Dro. Together their personal experience and professional knowledge is fitting for an initiative such as "it STILL Takes A Village"

Upcoming Events

The sole purpose of It STILL Takes a Village is to create change in the world! It's a stretch but together we can do it. Each event is free to the public but the transportation provided, materials, security, location, panelist, food etc are not free. If you would like to sponsor, volunteer or donate to any upcoming events, please tap the volunteer or donate button. Your help and time is greatly appreciated.

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